About Modul LTD

The manufacturer of protected steel costructions and armoured glass for a wide range of clients, including: public authorities, operators of sensitive sites, financial and banking institutions, contractors for the construction of residential and non-residential premises of different type and profile.

The company works on Russian market since 2006. «Module LTD» performs the whole complex of necessary works, including the design, manufacture and installation of armor system.

One of the key directions of company’s activity — production of armored glass and armored glass pane, each of which is structural- protected frame of its own design.

Bulletproof glass of company «Modul LTD» have all the necessary protective properties. Armored glass is made on the enterprise by lamellar compounds of silica glass, the filling technology using special photocurable polymer composition.

However, despite the sufficient thickness of armored glass «Modul LTD», it is transparent and almost indistinguishable from normal.


The company is a Russian manufacturer of steel protective constructions, designed according to the modular principle, which allows to provide the necessary armor protection of material assets and human life within the individual areas and entire facilities.

«Module LTD» is engaged in the development of projects and construction of individual protected structures (banks, checkpoints, saferoom, etc.), including the preparation of the necessary elements, installation of special facilities.

The range of application of steel armor is very broad. The main directions can be demonstrated using the following examples

Liferoom: Saferoom

«Module LTD» offers services for the construction and equipment of a private house or apartment with a special security area — room safe- haven to ensure reliable protection of human life and material values. Manufacturing and designing is carried out based on the individual wishes of the customer. Protective bunkers can be absolutely any shape and size.

Steel bunker is used to save the lives of owners in various emergency situations. It is installed as one of the rooms in the house and is equipped with necessary equipment and elements for long stay and budget.

Blastproof and bulletresistance complex protection «Module 500 BB/3» consisting of the security booth (or block of several cabs) for the passage of personnel and/or visitors and the adjoining cabins guard post is a proprietary development of the company and can be used by both private and government agencies to ensure the safety input group object or territory.

All products are passes required tests and meets the requirements and safety standards.

All products are certified.

We cooperate with:

The Federal security service of the Russian Federation, the Russian Ministry of defense, Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, the largest financial structure, among which — JSC «Sberbank», OJSC «Rosselhozbank», OJSC «HomeCredit and Finans Bank» and many others.

«Modul LTD»

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